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It seems that a few new developments have inspired a mini-series here. Be wary.

Recently, some things related to Nintendo have left me agitated, underwhelmed, and even on the cusp of hardcore lament. Those who have put the Squid Sisters into the realm of "waifu" - which I never cared for as a concept, and probably won't say anything more about the subject due to said lack of interest - have inspired someone at Nintendo's EAD to make Splatfest #16... Callie versus Marie. And the kicker? ...seems that it's gonna the last Splatfest. EVER. What a way to kill the joy of the 1-Year Anniversary of the launch, am I right? Why must such a strange, periphery reverse-pandering concept (not necessarily those who promote it) force itself onto such a fantastic game and its community is beyond me. If this is ending for an even dumber reason, I'll be writing to Nintendo of America. And Kyoto for good measure.

It also like a bad indicator that Splatoon's official online (/primary mode) support is going to be ending sooner than we anticipated, as a cruel and unusual punishment for being released on the Wii U. I won't deny that Nintendo shot the Wii U in the foot before the launch through minimal marketing and having very few TV spots (which is still the primary source of media consumption regardless of streaming and the Internet's leaps and bounds); counter-productive policies on YouTube, their Partner Program and essentially shutting down those who want to give Nintendo free advertising to get the Wii U out of the hole it's in, and a few more big problems that have cropped up since the Wii U's launch in 2012. While I am essentially indifferent to or annoyed with Sony and XBOX at this point, I still want Nintendo to be a leader in the industry in their golden age, but I'm not sure how to feel about all of the strange and irritating decisions that Nintendo and their subsidiaries and partners have made in recent years - homogeny and/or lackluster mechanics.

<> - for hyperbolic reference point of my gripes

But to end on a more positive note, it does seem like Nintendo as a whole is trying to embrace innovation within games again while getting back to what works. For example, Mario Party Star Rush looks more interesting than the last few Mario Party games; Grezzo's Ever Oasis seems to have promise; Pokemon Sun and Moon has a very distinct 'Dex so far, and I still plan to get Federation Force. Lastly, I'm getting more and more excited for Fund The Charity Room everyday next week! Please spread the word for Fund The Charity Room if you can! Thank you, and good night.


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